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Why Embark on Corporate Acupuncture Treatments?

In today's climate there is ever increasing emphasis on looking after the health and wellbeing of staff to ensure maximum output is achieved in the workplace. In fact interest in alternative health services and acupuncture have sky rocketed as a direct result of the credit crunch.


According to the Financial Times article dated 8th November 2008, "Health & Safety legislation means companies could face litigation if they fail to help stressed out employees".

Learn how you and your company can reduce absenteeism, increase health of individuals and therefore whole teams, maximise work output and most importantly maintain the work - life balance that is essential to stress free living and a more conducive work environment.

Investing in Corporate Healthcare is an investment in your company and the benefits will be multifaceted. Examples of conditions commonly treated in the workplace include:

Back pain, sciatica, disc trauma, shoulder & neck tension, headaches, tension headaches, migraines, anxiety, hypertension, palpitations, insomnia, arthritis, menstrual disorders, menopausal symptoms, digestive complaints, repetitive strain injury, smoking cessation program...

For a full list, further information or to set up a meeting to discuss the options for you and your company, please contact Laura Merie.

On site treatments minimise time taken off work to travel to clinic locations and maximise time spent having treatment, ensuring the client takes time to fully benefit from the session and ensuring return on investment is met.

Introductory offers include a complementary session to the HR / corporate services employee to experience the unique benefits first hand. Please contact us  for corporate rates, subsidized  fees and private health insurance schemes. Claims made through health insurance companies, in which case £10 administrative charge is added to the fees.

As a corporate client customer your needs will be met, with personal improvements in your health, and improvements in the health of your staff... a win-win situation.

"Take Control of Your Health Today"