What is Iridology?

Iridology is a unique diagnostic tool using a technique based on the study of the structure and pigments of the iris of the eye. There are thousands of individual patterns and colourings making up the structure of the iris, and it is these patterns that an iridologist can study in order to determine disease processes.

Iridology is a wonderful method of analysis that provides invaluable information for taking prophylactic action. Iridology can identify areas of the body that are showing signs of the build up of toxic accumulations. It reveals tissue strengths and weaknesses, and can relate precise positions on the iris to parts of the body. Therefore, approaching difficulties interpreted by tissue changes may be identified in the iris before physical symptoms manifest within the body. 

  •  This is non-invasive analysis of the eye gives results in seconds
  • Advanced warning is an excellent tool for prevention of future disease
  • Iridology records health imbalances before they manifest as symptoms, something that can not be detected by any other diagnostic test
  • Shows the cause of imbalance (acute or chronic) and which organs are affected
  • Can be a one off diagnostic session followed by treatment with Western herbal medicine or traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture to restore health and well being


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