Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicines


What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is the use of plant remedies in the treatment of disease. Plants have affinities with the different organs and systems in our bodies. With the use of holistic herbal medicine our bodily functions may be cleansed, nourished and rebalanced.

Plant remedies are a safe and effective form of healing that are free from side effects.

Children respond particularly well to herbal medicine.

What to expect in the consultation:

The initial consultation lasts approximately one hour. During this time a full medical history will be taken, physical examination will be made as appropriate and relevant factors such as diet, nutrition, exercise, home circumstances and emotional influences discussed.

The consultation enables the individual to become more involved in their own health care.

Many people who seek help from practitioners have chronic (long term) and interconnected symptoms, may also be taking pharmaceutical drugs, and require careful monitoring and evaluation. With the patient, the practitioner will try to identify the underlying causes of illness, therefore working holistically and individually, to resolve the problem at its roots. Allergy testing is available on request.

The price of any prescribed herbal medicines is additional to the consultation fee.


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